Engagement & energy assessment

We listen and discuss with you to understand your specific energy needs, goals, and budget. We assess your property’s potential, ensuring a tailored solar solution for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Analysis of your solar needs

Installation & delivery

Our professional and competent installation crew installs your system with the highest precision and efficiency. We focus on safety and quality, guaranteeing that the solar system is designed to work optimally for many years.

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Education & support

Energyable Limited believes in helping customers to maximize their investments. We offer prompt assistance, after-sales service, warranties, and detailed information on system operation and energy management.

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Our Services

We provide effective energy solutions for homes and businesses. Our solutions are guaranteed to meet your needs.


Solar energy design


Procurement of solar equipment


Solar installation

Some Completed Projects

solar power vs grid power

Why you need solar energy

In a country like Nigeria currently grappling with energy difficulties and high petrol and diesel expenses, the demand for solar energy has never been greater. Additionally, the key to economic energy is found in our country’s ample sunlight. Moreover, we can break free from the constraints of unreliable power sources and increasing electricity costs. Additionally, we can minimize our carbon footprint and make substantial contributions to the fight against climate change by harnessing energy directly from the sun. Solar-generated power allows Nigerian households and companies to take total control of their energy demands, resulting in significant long-term savings and a more dependable power supply. Unquestionably, the moment has come to join forces and embrace sun energy for a brighter tomorrow!

Sustainable Solutions

Embrace eco-friendly energy alternatives and reduce your carbon footprint.

Tailored to your needs

From home rooftops to business installations, our tailored solutions meet your specific energy needs.

Reliable expertise

We take pleasure in providing top-notch installations and great customer service.

Savings made simple

Say goodbye to skyrocketing fuel and electricity costs. You’ll save money with us.

Empowering Energy Independence

At Energyable, we really love solar power and all the great things it can do. We want to make homes and offices stay using the sun. Solar energy is friendly to nature and not expensive. Also, we care a lot about keeping things good for the Earth. That is why we are working hard to make the future better for everyone.

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