Making clean electricity a necessity

Our Mission

We strive to provide the most compelling value in the solar & renewable energy industry, while reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Solar Energy from Energyable Limited

About Us

At Energyable Limited, we look for alternative energy means, with more efficiency, sustenance and little or no emissions to the environment. We operate with best practices which allows for quality and effectiveness throughout the entire project cycle. We design and provide Solar Hybrid systems for homes and businesses. Also, we provide plug & play remote monitoring solutions for solar plants. 

Our team consists of passionate and skilled professionals, with a unified goal of connecting people and businesses to reliable solar and other alternative energy sources.

We develop energy solutions for homes in urban, semi-urban and off-grid rural areas. Our power solutions for businesses and commercial clients, ensure productivity and profitability is maximized through reliable energy. Our solar solutions are guaranteed to reduce dependence on carbon & fossil fuel generators and energy savings from the National grid. 

Our Core Values

At Energyable Limited, our values represent what’s most important to us as a business and can be translated into the behavior and mindset of every member of the team.