Try something new

When was the last time you tried or did something new in your life?┬áDoing something new is a very essential process of growth and development. It can be as little as travelling to a new city or country and dining in a new restaurant. You can learn a new skill, read one book a day …

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Stop shouting up NEPA!

This is 2021…if the Government has failed you, please don’t fail your Children. Let’s think about this for a second. Growing up we all waited for NEPA to provide electricity just so we could watch programs on TV. which usually started around 4pm. And when that happened, one could literally hear children and adults, from several …

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5 Tips to maximize your solar system

Solar panels and solar systems generally require little to no maintenance. There are a variety of things solar owners can do to ensure their system works. Energyable Limited highlights 5 tips for owners to maximize their solar system to obtain the best possible output: 1. Use efficient solar panels – A panel’s efficiency is the percentage …

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