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Energyable Limited provides the most energy efficient commercial solar designs and solutions to fit your business needs. From small businesses to large commercial and production factories, Energyable Ltd is positioned to serve our customers with reliable and alternative energy solutions.

We provide a thorough and innovative approach to project execution and responsibility. We coordinate all aspects of design, procurement, construction, and operations. Our commercial projects are built and fitted with remote monitoring and control software systems that enables our clients remotely view & manage their plant performance. 

With our Commercial Solar solutions, your building or factory roof becomes your greatest asset for power generation. Unlike other areas of your business, solar power does not come with the day-to-day hassles. We put the solar panels on your roof and it generates electricity. We take care of your electricity needs while you focus on running your business. 

Renewable Energy has seen some fantastic advances over the years, and collectively they’re already beginning to fast overtake fossil fuels as a means of energy production.  Several companies in Nigeria have recognized the potential and benefits solar energy provides to their businesses with respect to cost savings, ROI and environmental sustainability. 

Renewable Energy solutions for Commercial - Energyable Limited
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Why commercial solar makes sense

You can continue to pay huge electrical bills which cuts into your business profit, or you can switch to solar and earn returns on your investment. It’s that simple. 

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Who we work with

We work with a variety of businesses in different sectors. Our commercial solar solutions are suitable for high businesses requiring high and continuous power supply. If your business or company is looking to reduce its energy expenditure, then you should be talking to us. We would like to discuss with you, conduct an assessment and provide you with the best energy solutions designed and built with the best equipment.