how it works

It's Time to Start Your solar journey

Get in touch with us and find out how best we can work with you on your project. We are committed to make the switch to solar as easy as possible for you. From your initial discussion with our team, to the moment we power up your new solar system, we’ve got you covered. 

energyable analysis
Step 1: Free Consultation

We educate you on the best solution - not just sell. We assess your home or business and teach you about the best plan and help you understand how your home or business will save money.

energyable proposal
Step 2: Your Proposal

We review your needs, find out what's important and provide a tailor made proposal specific to your needs and budget.

energyable design
Step 3: Survey & Design

Our team of engineers design a system that will serve you and maximize your savings. Our solutions are designed with quality and durability.

energyable installation
Step 4: Install & Setup

We book a suitable date to install the solution. Quick and tidy. Your new energy solution is ready in no time.

energyable commissioning
Step 5: All systems go

We conduct final inspections and tests, then we switch on the Sun for you. We also connect your phone to your solar installation, giving you access to monitor its performance from anywhere and anytime.

Ready? Set? Then let's Go