12V 220AH De-Bull Tubular Battery


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De-Bull Tall Tubular 12V 220Ah Battery

Power your home with our De-Bull Tall Tubular 12V 220Ah Battery.

Reliable Power: Count on consistent backup power throughout the battery’s lifespan.

Leak-Free Design: Features spill-proof vent plugs for zero spillage concerns.

Extended Usability: Low self-discharge rates for extended periods of usage.

Deep Cycle Ready: Suitable for deep cyclic applications, surpassing AGM VRLA counterparts.

Easy Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep for convenient operation.

Sturdy Construction: Built with a robust tubular design, reducing spine corrosion.

Acid Emission Control: The spill-proof vent plug design minimizes acid fumes and spillage.

Persistent Performance: Experience reliable backup power consistently over the battery’s life.

Longevity and Efficiency: Offers a very high design and service life for extended usage.

Efficient Water Management: Low water loss design for reduced maintenance needs.

Additional Technical Features:

Advanced Tubular Engineering: Incorporates advanced tubular technology for enhanced performance.

Optimized Energy Storage: High energy density ensures ample storage in a compact size.

Quick Charge Capability: Allows fast charging while preserving battery health.

Stable Voltage Output: Regulates voltage output, ensuring steady and safe power supply.

Deep Discharge Safeguards: Built-in protection against deep discharges for improved durability.

Resilient in All Climates: Demonstrates reliable operation even in extreme temperature conditions.


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