12V 220ah Tall Tubular Battery


Discover the pinnacle of power reliability with our Tall Tubular Battery – the perfect solution to keep your appliances running smoothly, even during those unexpected outages. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability, this battery is a true powerhouse that guarantees uninterrupted energy supply for your home or workplace.

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Product Description

When reliability matters most, the STARPLUS Tall Tubular Battery stands tall as your ultimate energy companion. Designed to provide steadfast power support, this battery is an essential addition to any space, ensuring you stay connected when you need it most.

Technical Features

  • Advanced Tubular Technology: The Start Plus battery boasts cutting-edge tubular design, featuring intricate tubular plates that enhance its longevity and efficiency, delivering more power over a longer lifespan.
  • Robust Performance: With an impressive energy output, this battery is engineered to meet the demands of your modern lifestyle. It’s optimized to deliver consistent power to a variety of appliances, from high-energy devices to everyday electronics.
  • Extended Lifespan: Thanks to its rugged build and superior design, the Star Plus Tall Tubular Battery exhibits an extended lifespan, offering more charge-discharge cycles compared to conventional batteries. This translates to lower maintenance costs and long-term savings.
  • Deep Discharge Recovery: Even after extensive use, the tubular battery excels in deep discharge recovery, ensuring that it bounces back to full power with ease, minimizing downtime and maximizing convenience.
  • Environmentally Friendly: We care about our planet as much as you do. This battery is designed with eco-friendliness in mind, incorporating technologies that reduce its carbon footprint while maintaining top-tier performance.
  • Easy Installation: Installing our Tall Tubular Battery is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. It seamlessly integrates into your existing power setup, empowering you to enjoy its benefits right away.

Battery Specifications

Product Model NumberSP 220000 XB
Capacity @ C20 @ 20Hr-Rate to 1.75V Per cell @27°C220AH
Voltage Per Unit 1212
Battery Dimensions (in mm) L * W * H505 * 190 * 410 (in mm)
Net Weight (+/- 1Kg)66.0 Kg
Gross Weight (+/- 1.5Kg)67.5 Kg
Battery Life Cycle1200+
Final Gravity 0.0051.255
Operating Temperature RangeDischarge 5°C-50°C, Charge 5°C-50°C, Storage 5°C-50°C
Normal Operating Temperature Range27 + 2°C
Float Charging Voltage13.6 VDC to 13.8 VDC / Unit Average at 27°C
Recommended Maximum Charging Current10% of Battery Rated Capacity
Equalization and Cycle Service14.6 VDC to 14.8 VDC / Unit Average at 27°C
Self-DischargeSTARPLUS Lead Acid Batteries can be stored for 3 months at 27°C. Self-Discharge ratio less than 1% per month at 27°C. Please charge battery before using.
TerminalPositive & Negative Terminal (Lead Alloy)


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