12V 220AH Tubular Battery


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Exulted Eagles 12V 220Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Experience Uninterrupted Power with the Exulted Eagles 12V 220Ah Tall Tubular Battery.

Discover its exceptional features

Reliable Consistency: Enjoy consistent backup power throughout its lifespan.

Zero Spillage: Equipped with spill-proof vent plugs, ensuring no leakage or spillage.

Long-Lasting Performance: Benefit from low self-discharge rates for prolonged usage.

Deep Cycle Capability: Ideal for deep cyclic applications, surpassing AGM VRLA batteries.

Minimal Maintenance: Low maintenance demands for hassle-free operation.

Robust Tubular Design: Built with a high-pressure die-casted spine, reducing spine corrosion rates.

Controlled Acid Emissions: The spill-proof vent plug design minimizes acid fumes and spillage on top.

Consistent Backup: Enjoy unwavering backup power throughout the battery’s entire life.

Extended Service Life: Boasting a very high design and service life for lasting performance.

Minimal Water Loss: Experience low water loss for reduced maintenance efforts.

Additional Technical Features:

Advanced Tubular Technology: Designed with cutting-edge tubular technology for optimal efficiency.

High Energy Density: Offers high energy storage capacity in a compact form factor.

Fast Charging: Capable of rapid charging without compromising battery health.

Voltage Regulation: Maintains stable voltage output, ensuring safe and consistent energy supply.

Deep Discharge Protection: Built-in safeguards against deep discharge to prolong battery life.

Temperature Resistance: Performs reliably even in extreme temperature conditions.


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