48V 15Kwh Lithium Battery


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48V 15Kwh Lithium Battery with smart BMS


LiFePO4 battery is bigger than lead- acid cell, with the same volume and discharges with maximum current. Can be used in charging electric vehicles, electric bicycles, powering homes, businesses and also in industrial applications.

After 2000times circulation, the capacity of the battery is still more than 80%.

Lithium materials not have any poisonous and harmful substance. It is regarded as green and environmental protection battery.

Safe and durable, with simple maintenance.

Multi-layer protection structure, shockproof, anti-explosion and fire resistant.

48v 200Ah/250Ah/300Ah

Nominal Voltage: 48V (51.2V)

Electricity(kWh): 10.24kWh/12.8kWh/15.36kWh

Full charge Voltage: 56V-60V

Maximum Charging Voltage: 90V

Input Voltage Range: 60V-100V

Continuously Use Input Current: 100A

Continuously Use Output Current: 100A

Communication: RS485

Depth of discharge: >80%

Cycle life: > 6000 times (< 0.5c)

Certification standards: UN38.3/CE/MSDS/DGM

Warranty: 5 years


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