AI Powered PV Monitoring System

PV Monitoring & Control - Energyable limited Photon AI
PV monitoring & control vendor agnostic platform

PV Remote monitoring & control

Remote monitoring of solar plants is a significant element for ensuring the longevity of Solar PV Plants. Energyable Limited provides a cloud based platform designed for PV monitoring and remote plant control.

Photon AI collects daily data and alerts in real time from solar plants and instantly sends data across APIs so Solar Asset owners, Technicians, Investors and Plant Managers can receive instant production data and information with no latency.

Energyable Limited is the main distributor for Thingnario, the developers of Photon AI, for the Nigerian and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our plug & play remote monitoring solution is vendor agnostic, able to integrate and process data from battery inverters, PV, strings, meteorological equipment, I/O devices, security devices. 

Photon uses Artificial Intelligence to find degradations with  precision, ensuring all problems are detected thanks to Photon’s prediction algorithm. Photon AI integrates easily with all devices with modbus communication protocol. It communicates with multiple brand devices and dataloggers.

Main Features

Customized Dashboards

Tailor-made and customized solutions to meet your specific requirements

Secure Cloud-Based Solutions

Data protection via a highly secured cloud server. Your data is our priority

Multi-Plant Aggregation

One login platform to access data from all your multiple sites and locations

Intelligent Diagnosis

Locate and detect problematic PV strings and analyze the root causes

Site Analysis

Monitor & Control your production and consumption. Giving you a whole picture of your power usage

Battery Management System

Comprehensive set of functions to increase performance and reduce waste

Real-time Insight, Anywhere, Anytime

A remote monitoring system helps you understand your energy production and usage, detect problems early and take appropriate actions. Photon AI is equipped with advanced cloud-based analytics that enable further optimization of the usage of local electricity production, which achieves additional economic savings. 

PV monitoring & control - Energyable Limited Photon AI