Stop shouting up NEPA!

Stop shouting UP NEPA

This is 2021…if the Government has failed you, please don’t fail your Children. Let’s think about this for a second. Growing up we all waited for NEPA to provide electricity just so we could watch programs on TV. which usually started around 4pm. And when that happened, one could literally hear children and adults, from several streets and neighborhoods away shouting “UP NEPA!” You can literally now stop shouting up NEPA. 

Over the years in Nigeria, we have seen things get better. People can now afford generators to provide them with their own electricity. Some people have moved into neighborhoods with relatively steady electricity. Most have even relocated out of the country. We have seen NEPA rebrand to PHCN and other 4-5-letter acronyms, but nothing by way of services changed. 

Today we have alternative and renewable sources of power – Wind, Water, Biomass, Thermal, Nuclear and the cheapest and most available being Solar. These are all clean, sustainable, reliable and guaranteed sources of electricity for homes, industries and cities. 

Now you can literally live off-grid, not relying on PHCN or it’s cohorts. You can now provide your own electricity from the SUN or other renewable sources. FREE electricity all year round is possible and achievable (you only invest in the equipment).  With renewable energy, you enjoy 24/7 electricity guaranteed. 

Whether you are powering only some selected critical loads or you are powering your entire home or business, Energyable Limited has got you covered.  Our simple solutions tailored to your needs. Save your children. Make them stop shouting UP NEPA. Stop waiting for the Government to provide them with electricity just so they can watch their favorite TV shows or even sleep well at night. 

Live smart! Make the upgrade today! Switch!

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