Try something new

When was the last time you tried or did something new in your life? Doing something new is a very essential process of growth and development. It can be as little as travelling to a new city or country and dining in a new restaurant. You can learn a new skill, read one book a day or learn how to bake. Other options are going for a thorough medical checkup, saying hello to a stranger. Try giving donations to the needy, learning a new language or learning a new musical instrument etc. 

It can also be extreme like skydiving out of a plane, swimming with sharks, slapping a soldier for no apparent reason, climbing a mountain, take food off a hungry lion, order twenty pairs of shoes you don’t need etc. However extreme, just proceed with caution!

In the end what counts is the satisfaction in knowing you have done something new, something you would have never done before.

I personally recommend the skydiving bit…you can relax, statistics show only a tiny fraction of 1 parachute fails in every 1000 jumps and so it’s okay to say skydiving is safe.

There are literally millions of things you can try. Your imagination and determination only limits you! Don’t be afraid to try new things. They all wouldn’t work out at first, but if you find the ones that work, you would definitely be proud of yourself for trying. Chances are you would also regret the opportunities that you didn’t take. Don’t ignore the urge and impulse for the things you could have tried, you would only regret it.

So think of something you’ve never done before; imagine you not running your generator for at least one week yet you always have power day and night. You can cut  down your electricity costs by at least 40% for the first time in your life. Picture saving money by not buying fuel and from not repairing generator. That definitely would be something new in your life and at Energyable Limited, we can make it happen for you. Your first step is to imagine it.

Dare yourself! Push boundaries! Remember that in the end, doing something new, even if it makes you nervous, can help make your life more joyful.

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